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Mar. 7th, 2013 10:46 pm
trustme: The Doctor with the TARDIS behind him (tardis)
Name: Kristine
Time Zone: Pacific
DW: [personal profile] thoughtbubble
[plurk.com profile] thoughtbubble

Suggestions for improving my rp skills? Leave them here. Screening is on for all comments.

I am currently only a little familiar with Classic Who so please help me out if you RP a Classic Who character and want to interact with my Doctor.

If I dropped a thread with you that you'd like to continue please let me know.
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The Doctor

CARNIVAL JOB: Scout/Magician

JOINED: 3 Years Ago Season 1




✧COMMON CHANGES: Height change, 5 inches taller
Fae Mark. Mostly overlapping circle designs on his upper back and spreading outward over the years. Resembles clocks, cogs, or Gallifreyan writing but doesn't actually spell out anything.
Longer fingers
Long pointed ears
Darkened skin all lower half of body
Small horns on top of head
Legs, arms, and shoulders freckled with tiny crystals
Eye color intensity increased

✩UNCOMMON CHANGES: Glowing blood. Glows the same color as his soul. Lends some bio-luminescence to his body, particularly where the crystals are on his limbs. Made it difficult for him to sleep at night because it "kept the lights on". Now he sleeps with an enchanted nightmask.
Angler Lure. Grew in after the blood change. Excellent reading light and for seeing his work. Goes out when he's unconscious.
Expressive Aura. Like a typical glowy magic aura but this light show sometimes takes shapes or other colors to express his current emotions. Got him into trouble a few times before he got the hang of keeping a better lid on it.

✵RARE CHANGE: Warming or Cooling Aura. An additional quality to his aura. To The Doctor and those within a few feet of him the light can be a heat or cooling source. He's not the human torch, no burns or freezer burn involved. It's more like standing next to the vent for the AC or heater.


1ST CONTRACT: Common Spell Casting Study for 1st year of service

2ND CONTRACT: Space Time Magic Study for 2nd year of service

3RD CONTRACT: Medical Magic Study for 3rd year of service


PLAYER: Kristine

CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] thoughtbubble

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FREQUENCY: 260.62010

DESCRIPTION: Until he answers his radio enjoy a spot of classical music while you wait.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door

DESCRIPTION: Mail is best left in the cute little birdhouse mailbox hanging from their trailer door. Alternatively, you can shove it under their door so that they actually look at it.

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CHARACTER NAME: The (11th) Doctor


Backtagging: ☑ Yes
Threadhopping: ☑ Yes
Fourthwalling: ☐ Ask first


Hugging this character: ☑ Yes
Kissing this character: ☑ Yes. Expect a reaction appropriate for CR. His most common reaction is confusion and a lot of uncomfortable flailing.
Flirting with this character: ☑ Yes
Fighting with this character: ☐ Yes. Argue away. See injuring below.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): ☐ Yes. Ask before hurting him any more than a slap or average strength punch.
Killing this character: ☒ No
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: ☐ Yes. The Doctor has telepathy abilities himself and would be right at home having a psychic conversation. Attacking his mind or trying to sneak around in it will be difficult. Like with any attack ask ahead.
Magic: ☐ Yes. It's a magical carnival, go for it! If injury or long-term effects are in play then I'd like to talk first.
Character's triggers: Want to make The Doctor angry? Talk about annihilation plans! Brag about your plans or your previous record of "fun" planet-destroying, innocent-people-torturing, or general evil-doing and you're bound to get The Doctor yelling in your face. The word "angels" might also set him off if he misunderstands what type of angel you're speaking about.

Additional Permissions:

For all of these, plotting will take place ahead regardless but please take a moment to specify your permissions for the items below.

1) Is telepathic communication with your character alright? As mentioned above The Doctor has telepathic abilities. Generally everyone at the carnival talks to communicate but telepathy is an option if there's a reason to say... communicate without guests hearing the conversation.

2) Can The Doctor pick your locks? The Doctor has a handy device called a sonic screwdriver which among other functions, can open most locks. He usually doesn't have a reason to do this at the carnival, rules and privacy and all, but on the off chance there's an emergency, like a reason to believe your character is hiding something dangerous in that chest, can he pick their locks with his sonic screwdriver?

3) Is your character fooled by Psychic Paper? Another handy item The Doctor uses away from the carnival more than actually on site but just in case it comes up here it is on the permissions list. Psychic paper is a blank paper that can magically appear to onlookers as whatever document or written material its user wills it to. Brilliant minds like Shakespeare or Leonardo Da Vinci can see past the illusion however. Can your character see past the illusion or would their eyes be fooled?

4) Is your character a time traveler or do they have time related powers (eg the speed force)? Normally The Doctor can pick up on the feeling of time manipulation and even taste or smell the time vortex on someone.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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Checking in!

Thread with Ivan (2 MP)
Thread with Usagi (1 MP)
Thread with Frisk (1 MP)
Thread with Luce (1 MP)
Thread with Luce, Sans, Greg, Blanche, etc. (2 MP)
Thread with Marty (1 MP)

Tabloid featuring other player characters (3 MP)
Tabloid featuring Squalo (3 MP)
Thread featuring performing (guitar for action!) (2 MP)

Thread from Moscow (5 MP)

I realized I never took credit for all the NPCing of android soldiers I did in the escape thread during the last AC. So if it's okay... +3 MP?


http://interstellar5555.dreamwidth.org/63332.html?thread=12783972#cmt12783972 Thread with Marty (5)
http://interstellar5555.dreamwidth.org/61468.html?thread=12713756#cmt12713756 Thread with Usagi (8)
http://interstellar5555.dreamwidth.org/61468.html?thread=12571932#cmt12571932 Threads with Frisk and Luce (6 and 5)
http://interstellar5555.dreamwidth.org/61468.html?thread=12657180&posted=1#cmt12852508 Moscow Ritual thread (10) +2 MP for all that guitar playing
http://interstellar5555.dreamwidth.org/62980.html?thread=12783364#cmt12783364 Thread with Greg post ceremony (3)


Source: Fame
Reward: Power
Level: Max
MP Links: 24 MP from the final AC and 33 from previous months = 57 total
Description: Sorcery, Adept (40) THE FINAL FRONTIER
Because Greg needs a peer lol

Source: Contraband
Reward: Power
Level: Leveling up regain to medium level (15)
Description: Telepathy. Previously he could only hold telepathic conferences with people in the same room if they opened their mind to them and gained a little mental defense.

With this power up his mental defense has been further strengthened. He can now affect the minds of others but this requires some sort of physical contact and works on only one person at a time (unless everyone willingly opens their minds to it for some reason and group hug or something). The Doctor's telepathy isn't the type that's used to possess other people like puppets, it's more about the brain's functions.

He's been shown using it to change/erase memories or messages within a minute, affect the senses (eg stop someone from feeling pain), and induce fainting/paralysis.

-The only way I expect the memory thing to really come up in the RP is its potential to help undo the musicians' programming and restore their identities. Please let me know if this would be possible and to what extent he could remove the programming/restore memories to musicians.
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Pao-Lin's birthday party
Pao-Lin (2)
Ivan (2)

Aquarium Concert
Doctor's Toplevel with replies from Rarity (2)

Escape Log

Magic lessons with Greg (5)
Rarity's final days (2)

► Checking in!

Thread with Greg getting NASTY (1 MP)
Thread with Rei and Minako (1 MP)
Thread with Sailor Moon post surgery (1 MP)
Thread with Ivan in DRESSES (1 MP)
Thread with Ivan singing (1 MP)
Thread with Greg talking music magic (1 MP)
Thread with Sailor Moon talking about brain chips (1 MP)

Thread featuring a performance on stage (3 MP)

Thread from Event 1 (5 MP)

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Game show
Garnet doesn't seem well (6)
Vastra contact (5)
Rarity (5)
Marty's costume (6)

Challenge with J (2)

FoB Power Show and Tell (6)
Serious talk with Greg (11)
Luce cont. (5)
Saved by Sailor Moon (6)

Thread with Greg (11 Comments)
Thread with Garnet (6 Comments)
Thread with Vastra (5 Comments)

Thread with Rarity (1 MP)
Thread with Marty (1 MP)
Thread with FoB (1 MP)
Thread with Luce (1 MP)
Thread with Sailor Moon (1 MP)

Thread featuring Doctor being menaced by fans (2 MP)

► Better to Pretend Part 1 (5 MP)
Garnet (6 comments)
Vastra (5 comments)

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Post-Ghost Event
FoB figures out the truth (12)
Doctor talks alone with Luce (11) SINGING TO A CHARACTER +2 MP

Toplevel at Charity Concert replies from Usagi (8), Frisk (6)
Talk with Di at Brad's (4)
Visiting Serena at the Gift Shop (3)
AMA post replies from NPC1 (5), Marty (4), NPC2 (9), Frisk (9), NPC3 (7), NPC4 (2), Artolo (6) MENACED BY AN NPC +2 MP
Charity Concert with Meril (7)
Party with Meril (8)
TDM with Demyx (6)
TDM with Makoto (2)
TDM with Sarah Jane (2)

Thread with Ivan, Pao-Lin, and Rei (12+ Comments)
Thread with Meril (8 Comments)

Thread with Luce (2 MP)
Threads with Usagi and Frisk (2 MP)
Thread with Friendly NPC (1 MP)
Thread with Artolo (1 MP)
Thread with A Not So Nice NPC (1 MP)
Thread with Frisk (2 MP)

Tabloid featuring Doctor and other characters (2 MP)
Thread featuring Doctor singing to another character (2 MP)
Thread featuring a song rewrite being sung by multiple characters (4 MP)
Thread featuring Doctor getting menaced by an NPC (2 MP)

Thread from Post-Ghost Event Recovery (5 MP)
Thread from TDM with Demyx (6 comments), Thread from TDM with Sarah Jane (2 comments), Thread from TDM with Makoto (2 comments) (5 MP)

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Luce and Luci's Party
Top Level tagged by Ivan (8), Luce (6), Rei (8), Meril (8), Xanxus (4), Pao Lin (1), Luci (2)
Thread with Mai (8)
Thread with Tsuna (4)

Luce's Breakfast
Top Level tagged by Kokoro (3), Rarity (3), Cloud (3), Bill (2) -PERFORMANCE 2

Event Log
Luce "goes out" (2)
Trying to cheer up Ivan (2)
Asking after Finnick (2)
Greg has shiny light powers (6)

Talking about Superstitious fans with Jecht (7)
Pressuring Yosuke about Rei (4)
Asking Rei about how things went with Yosuke (9)
Continuing serious talk with Greg (6)
Sabo on Twitter (3)
Attack of the fans! (3) -PESTERED BY FANS 2
Doctor talks with Usagi at the charity concert (5)

Current Bonus Content MP:

Thread with Greg (11 Comments)
Thread with Mai (9 Comments)

Threads with Ivan (2 MP), Luce (1 MP), Rei (2 MP), Meril (2 MP), Xanxus (1 MP) (8 MP)
Thread with Rei (2 MP)

Thread featuring Doctor being pestered by fans (2 MP)
Did a song rewrite for event- here is a 5 comment thread from the charity event log (3 MP)
Thread featuring a performance -See prompt B and the thread below with Cloud- (2 MP)
Thread featuring singing with another character (3 MP)

Thread from Reaching Out (5 MP)

Participation in A Little Little Fun Rewrites (2 MP)

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Flowers Over Bones
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Lovely Luce, my partner in musical history making. Always classy and best of all always reliable. I owe her a great deal of gratitude.
Sailor Moon
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Tiger & Bunny
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Tiger & Bunny
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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Fame Lvl: 6 (Power Lvl 5 + Fortune Lvl 1)
Current MP:

Short Description:
► Gifted with genius level IQ, "Doctor" has been playing and composing music since childhood. After focusing on the classics in his youth, he branched out to pop, rock, and experimental genres. Today he is a lead vocalist and lead cello player in the band Flowers Over Bones.

When he's not writing and experimenting with new song ideas Doctor enjoys the city life and is known for making surprise appearances at local celebrations and events. Doctor is admired by fans for taking his role as an artist and entertainer very seriously and he is a public voice against drug abuse.

Regains So Far:
► Basic telepathic communication abilities and a strengthened mind against attacks.
► A girl named Susan and the Mysterious Police Box.
► A flirty blonde, an angry queen, a smiling girl, and other images that stir the heart.
► Robot dog.
► Carved apples and food cravings.
► A baby basket with a mobile of stars.
► Visions of outer space and unknown planets.
► Fishcustard.
► Hats are cool!
► A middle aged strong willed woman with red hair.
► He has seen many deaths. Is this what it's like to be a soldier perhaps?
► "It's bigger on the inside."
► Running from laser-shooting aliens.
► It's called the TARDIS.
► More than one face.
► Daleks are evil and you have fought them.

Contact Player:
[plurk.com profile] thoughtbubble
► PM [personal profile] thoughtbubble


► PHONE: 1-555-910-1111
► TEXT: 1-555-910-1111
► EMAIL: rsmith@virgoentertainment.vgo
► TWITTER: @flowersoverbones OR @doctortuning
► INSTAGRAM: @cellosarecool
► FACEBOOK: Flowers Over Bones Official Fanpage
► TUMBLR: flowersoverbonesofficial
► ANYTHING AT ALL: www.flowersoverbones.com

trustme: The Doctor with the TARDIS behind him (tardis)
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Content based on personal experience and observation, and the Communal Intellegence Log on Calice.
trustme: The Doctor checking his screwdriver readings (checking screwdriver)
Taken from Whology: Doctor Who the Official Miscellany by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

-Hypnotize people, with or without fob watches
-Perfectly mimic others [The Master has mimic abilities as well.]
-Regenerate into an entirely new body when his old one is damaged beyond repair or wearing thin
-Regenerate the very clothes he's wearing
-Sense danger. [Daleks presence in particular.]
-Resist alien truth machines
-Place himself in a coma to recover from some injuries [Other Time Lords also show signs of great control over their bodies. Two, Romana and Professor Chronotis could manipulate their heart beats.]
-Transmigrate objects such as reels of tape
-Withstand considerably more G-Force than humans
-Survive extreme drops in temperature
-Experience premonitions through dreams
-React ten times faster than a human (or so he claims)
-Telepathically communicate with the TARDIS [telepathy]
-Link minds with other Time Lords [telepathy]
-Reduce his body temperature to speed up healing
-Escape the effects of manipulated time fields
-Put himself into a trance-like complete sensory withdrawal
-Type faster than any human
-Withstand strangulation thanks to his respiratory bi-pass system
-Understand foreign and alien languages, the TARDIS translates for his companions
-Survive extreme heat
-Shatter glass by singing a single note
-Detect jumps in time
-Survive the sub-zero temperatures of space for six minutes
-Bowl a left handed googlie
-Cure concussion in others by tweaking their earlobe
-Convince people to obey his will through the power of words alone [That's a really roundabout way of saying he gives moving speeches.]
-Render people helpless by simply applying his fingers to their heads [telepathy]
-Ease pain with a mere touch [telepathy]
-Write things with two hands simultaneously
-Forge signatures from memory
-Expel foreign bodies such as a medical probe from his cardiovascular system, even breaking his skin in the process
-Pick pockets
-Slow down his perception of time to negotiate obstacles such as giant fan blades
-Speak five billion languages including Baby and Horse
-Identify human blood types by taste as well as viscum album, the oil of a mistletoe plant, iron, the age of pain on a shed, and the mineral composition of grass. He can also identify where an envelope was manufactured by licking it. [Just to name a few of the many things he tastes to identify and observe.]
-Re-grow appendages using residual regeneration energy- so long as the said appendage gets hacked off within early hours of regeneration.
-Absorb Roentgen radiation, channel it through his body and expel it- a trick he learned with Roentgen bricks in the nursery.
-Hear the TARDIS's operations from a considerable distance
-Identify the decade by smelling the air
-Expel a dose of cyanide by stimulating the inhibited enzymes into reversal. All he needs is some added protein, ginger beer, salt and a snog. From Donna. [ie He can detox his body. Similarly he used his chemical expertise to save Craig from dying of poison with an odd mixture of kitchen ingredients.]
-Open the TARDIS with a click of his fingers.
-Wipe memories [telepathy]
-Play football to a surprisingly high standard
-Transfer memories by means of a head-butt [telepathy]
-Share his regenerative energy with other Time Lords
-Hear sounds that humans cannot
-Paint a realistic portrait
-Cook skillfully. But not meringue.
-Receive psychic power from others [telepathy]
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-4th walling
-Preknowledge due to other RPGs
-Fellow Cast Member, Different Canon Point
-Injury and Killing? O_O
-Psychic Paper (Another method of contacting The Doctor)
-Sonic Screwdriver (aka a great lock pick)

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